Ethics of Thai Massage

Ethics of Thai Massage


In the first days of a Traditional Thai Massage course, students are almost always taught the ethical principles of this ancient practice.

Compared to the standards that professional massage therapists are asked to adhere to nowadays, the fundamentals of «Nuad Boran» were clearly influenced by its Buddhist roots.

Original Code of Conduct in Nuad Boran

  • Honour and remember the founder doctor Jivaka Kumara Bhaccha in each practice and be grateful for the knowledge you have received.

  • Study the techniques and follow the instructions carefully. Later, practice what you have learnt with a loving heart.

  • Listen to the advice of others who might know more about Thai Massage.

  • Be humble and do not show off your knowledge. A wise person once said, “Let your skill speak for you, not your tongue.”

  • Remember that Traditional Thai Massage is not just a business or a job with which therapists can earn a living, it is also a source of personal honour.

  • Do not hope for economic benefit, glory or fame.

  • Do not compete with other practitioners or try to take their clients.

  • Practice in an adequeate place, not in public.

  • Do not give professional certificates to those who are not qualified.